Delayed flights, missed connections + making the most of what life throws at you

Ever since I knew that Disneyland existed I wanted to visit it. So probably about 3 years old. I wanted to ride the rides and sing along to the music and meet the princesses. It seemed like the most magical place on earth.

One night in July 2012 my Dad phoned up and told us that he’d be going to America for a work thing at the end of the year. He would be in Florida but thought about about stopping off in California on the way home. He then asked if me and my brother Chris would like to join him. I literally cried for about 20 minutes. Everything in my whole life had led up to this… I WAS GOING TO DISNEYLAND! I couldn’t believe it! I remember I was eating ice cream at the time so I pretty much looked like that gif of Emma Stone crying whilst eating a tub of ice cream. You know the one. For those that don’t…

Fast forward 6 months and it’s January 2nd. We get to the airport at the crack of dawn only to find out that our flight to Melbourne has been delayed. I start to worry because if it’s delayed too much then we will miss our connecting flight. It all looked good though so we boarded and were on our way. Disaster struck when we landed in Melbourne and were told that we’d missed our connection! Oh no! We were then told we couldn’t get another flight for 24 hours! I’m not gonna lie, all I wanted to do was cry. I just wanted to go to Disneyland! But I had my younger brother with me and it was time to act like a responsible adult. We found the transfer counter and sorted out our new boarding passes, headed to the airport hotel we were put in for the night and had some lunch (courtesy of the airline for the giant fuck up).

This is was one of those situations where I was hugely disappointed I’d be missing out on 24 hours of my holiday but I soon realised that shit happens sometimes and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. So Chris and I decided to make the most of our 24 hours in Melbourne, we put smiles on our faces, bought a bus ticket and went into the city to spend the rest of the day there.


We had a great day in Melbourne. After finding the nearest JB HiFi to use the internet to update those back home as to what happened, we set out on a mini adventure to find something to do. We visited the cathedral in town and it was BEAUTIFUL…


After finding a quick bite to eat we were struggling to figure out how to spend our evening when we were walking past a cinema and saw a poster for “Les Miserables”. This film wasn’t yet out in New Zealand but had just come out in Australia. We both just looked at each other and went “YES”. So that was awesome, we got to see a film we’d been waiting for for ages that none of our friends had seen yet!

The movie finished really late so as soon as we got out we headed back to our hotel. Overall we had a great day and did some things we otherwise wouldn’t have got to do. This was the first instance in which I had been on my own (without parents) and something had gone horribly wrong and I like to think I handled it rather well. I couldn’t just think of my self either because I had Chris with me. I just thought to myself, I’ve been looking forward to this trip my whole life and I’m not going to let something like a flight delay get in the way of my good mood. Sometimes life throws something at you that you weren’t expecting, so just laugh and go catch a movie.


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