My first trip to DISNEYLAND

24 hours after we were due to land at LAX, we finally got there and the real adventure started. We arrived at about 6am local time after about a 13 hour flight so you’d think we’d be exhausted. Quite the opposite actually as ALL I could think about was Disneyland.

We drove straight from LAX to our motel in Anaheim. We checked in, unloaded our bags and grabbed a donut from reception. That’s right, we were in America now! Almost as soon as we were in the room we were out the door again and on our way to Disneyland. We were staying just a short walk from the theme park but I was so excited I wanted to skip the whole way! Here is a VERY excited me just after walking in the gates and just taking everything in. I was almost crying at this point…


The absolute FIRST thing I did when we walked in was buy some Mickey ears… I had been waiting for my own pair of these for my entire life… so yes I wore them the entire day… THEY’RE SPARKLY!…


It took a while to sink in that I was finally at Disneyland. The whole place was just truly magical and it was hard to decide which ride I wanted to go on first! The ride I knew I absolutely couldn’t miss was… the teacups! For some reason, watching videos of Disneyland and seeing photos when I was younger, this ride seemed to be THE ride I wanted to go on. It just looked like so much fun! I ran straight for the green one and we managed to fit all four of us in the same one. (It was a bit of a squeeze but we managed)…


The ride that really took my breath away, and really made me feel a bit overwhelmed, was splash mountain. I’m quite an emotional person and I’m definitely a cryer so I knew I’d cry AT LEAST once this day. There are different things that set me off but mostly its seeing something for the first time I have dreamed of seeing for a loooong long time. This one was actually a bit different, it was a sound! When I was four years old my favourite video to watch was called “Disney Sing Along Songs”. It was basically a video where they showed all the different rides in the park and the characters were there singing Disney songs on them. The one that stuck out the most to me, and that I still remembered, was “Zippity Do Dah” on Splash Mountain.

I was excited about Splash Mountain anyway as I am a huge log flume fan. Seriously, give me a log flume ride anywhere in the world and I’ll be on it. We were about half way through the ride when we came around a corner and “Zippity Do Dah” started playing and there were wee characters dancing to it in the cave. All of a sudden I just got so overwhelmed and started crying. Right in the middle of this ride. At this point though no one knew as I was at the front of our log. But for some reason, that song just set me off and made me realise that I had finally made it. I was in Disneyland, I was in the only place I’d ever wanted to go since I was 4 years old. What a truly amazing moment it was. Then of course we got thrown down a giant slope and absolutely soaked with water! This photo is one I’ve also always wanted to take because, you see, the children in the video had their hands up when they came down the slope, so that’s what I decided (at 4 years old) I was going to do. Luckily everyone followed suit and we got an epic photo, what you see on our faces is a mix of absolute joy… and absolute terror…

Scan 130540001

Now onto emotional moment number 2! The characters parade down Main Street! We visited on January 3rd so it was still Christmas break in America. The parks were still decorated and themed for Christmas which was AWESOME because I love Christmas and the holiday season A LOT. We sat down for the parade about half an hour before it started because I had to get a good spot. I sat down the front, next to all the little children, waiting for the parade. I was at bursting point as I knew I was about to see the Disney Princesses! (Yes I was 20 years old, no that’s not too old, yes I LOVED IT). The parade was GREAT and made me cry again! I got to see Belle in real life! Also santa totally arrived at the end!…



Another fun thing about this day was having my first American food experience. In one of the many gift shops inside Disneyland I purchased a sweet treat, just for fun, and because it looked like Tigger’s tail! This was marshmallow covered in caramel covered in chocolate covered in sugar drizzled in chocolate… on a stick. I could feel my teeth falling out already…


The biggest tears of the day came right at the end. The sun had set and the whole park had gathered in front of the castle for the fireworks. These fireworks happen EVERY day. I couldn’t believe it. They lasted for about 15 minutes and were in time to music! I couldn’t believe I was actually there, in Disneyland, watching the fireworks in front of the castle. It sounds dramatic, but it felt like my whole life had led up to this moment. It was awesome. I didn’t get any photos of the fireworks but I did take some sweet video footage. I was actually videoing all throughout the day, so here’s my footage from the most magical day of my life!…

Overall it was pretty darn fantastic… and that was just the first day…



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