My California Adventure!

So “Disneyland” is actually two separate theme parks. There’s the original Disneyland park with all the Disney princess type stuff with Mickey Mouse etc then there is California Adventure which includes more of the bigger rides and is just another awesome experience. So day 2 was spent in California Adventure going on some of the coolest rides EVER.

Chris and I started the morning mildly by choosing to go on a giant Mickey Mouse ferris wheel. It was really cool as when you sat a the top you could see the whole of Disneyland. WHAT A VIEW!


IMG_0368 2

California Adventure was set up quite cool, there was a whole section that was called Paradise Pier and it was like a boardwalk! Chris and I got really excited because at this point we had both been watching Boardwalk Empire.

One of the coolest rides there was definitely the giant rollercoaster you can see in the photo above. It was called California Screamin’ and yes, it made you scream. I think we rode it about 3 times in total so we eventually learnt where the camera was and we were able to get this awesome photo…

Scan 130540000

We then had a walk around and I randomly came across a window display that had the costumes in it from Once Upon a Time! I FREAKED out because I was like, Lana Parrilla has worn this exact costume!!! It was hard to get a good photo because they were behind glass but I tried!..


We also got to meet some characters here. I don’t actually like the movie “The Incredibles” but there characters were there and I was like oh why not? So here’s me posing with them…


Please note here that I am wearing just jeans and a shirt with my sleeves rolled up IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. California just has AMAZING weather. I loved it.

We finally got to meet Mickey! He was still Christmas-afied so that made it even cooler!…


What an amazing two days at Disney! We did so much more but it’s so hard to fit it all into a post! Next stop… San Diego…


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