San Diego, searching for Carmen + experiencing a new culture

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?!

It’s safe to say I knew pretty much nothing about San Diego before I spent the day there. The morning after our 2 day Disney adventure we departed Anaheim and headed south to San Diego. It was quite a cool drive, just seeing all this foreign scenery and all these Spanish place names along the way.


We arrived and decided to start with Old Town because it seemed like a cool place to learn a bit about the culture down there and kind of see something a bit different. It was really cool to finally experience a different culture. Disneyland was like a bubble in the way that I hadn’t really felt like I got to see another culture yet because everything in there is completely man made. Old Town San Diego was like stepping onto the set of a Western! There was a cute little village filled with shops and there was a little outdoor market full of little South American touristy items. We even came across a stage with some Spanish dancing going on! It really surprised me how much of a South American influence there was down there. I knew it was close to the Mexican boarder but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that the culture would bleed over to the U.S. and be so dominant. This probably seems like an obvious thing to Europeans and Americans but to someone who has grown up in a country surrounded by the ocean, it was interesting to see the mix in culture so close to a border.

For the second half of the day we went over to Coronado Island because we wanted to see the beach and also the navy base. I was SO excited to visit the beach because this is where the Coronado Hotel is located. The Coronado hotel was the setting for the famous Marilyn Monroe film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes so to see it in real life was so cool!


After a HUGE lunch at a local cafe (Seriously America, your portion sizes are ginormous, I ordered half size and still couldn’t finish it) we headed to the USS Midway Museum which is a giant aircraft carrier permanently stationed at Coronado for everyone to have a look inside! Coming from a military family, these kind of attractions are a must see for us.


Seeing inside an aircraft carrier was pretty cool (although I’ve seen inside one before, this one was much bigger). You get to see where the sailors sleep, eat and work and you get the opportunity to go all the way through so many levels that I did actually get lost a couple of times. There were times we thought we’d be stuck on there forever! My favourite part was out on the runway!…


So San Diego was pretty darn cool and I wished we got to explore more of it, but HOLLYWOOD awaited…



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