Tinseltown! The Walk of Fame + A Blockbuster Premiere!

After spending the day in San Diego we then drove North to Los Angeles, more specifically Hollywood.

I was so excited I almost cried in the car on the way there. We were about to enter the city where it all happens! The famous Tinseltown!

We arrived in our motel quite late but were so excited we went out for a walk almost straight away. We stayed at the Hollywood Orchid Suites which honestly could not have been in a better location. It was literally right behind the Dolby Theatre. Naturally I absolutely lost my shit because that is the very theatre in which THE OSCARS are held! All we had to do was walk across a small road and into the back entrance to the little mall attached to the theatre and we were on Hollywood Boulevard. This was such a surreal moment. I was standing on HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD. I looked down and was standing on Julie Andrews’ star on the walk of fame. Unreal. That night we didn’t walk too far but had a look at the Chinese Theatre and the handprints and all the stars on the ground. We ended up at a random sushi place for dinner down the road a bit and it was yuuuuummy.

The next day was spent just walking all the way along Hollywood Boulevard getting photos with as many stars on the walk of fame as we could. I could have honestly taken photos with all of them… But I restrained myself. Here are a few of my absolute favourites…

IMG_1992 IMG_2006 IMG_2008 IMG_2018

We then checked out the hand prints and Sid Graumans Chinese Theatre in the daylight. We first spent a while looking around outside but then we went inside on a tour. I actually almost started crying here too! They took us through the foyer and showed us some costumes they had on display, then took us into the theatre itself. We went right up to the giant “Silver screen” and then… we sat in the seats! We sat in the row and seat numbers that are usually reserved for the biggest stars! The best seats in the house! It was all so unreal! I was sitting where my idols have sat. I just couldn’t believe it. I recommend doing this tour just to look inside this theatre. It was only like $11 or something!

The hand prints were so cool. It was cool to see who I had similar sized hands to. Turns out I’m a pretty good match with Emma Watson and Marilyn Monroe!



One of the days we took a drive up the hill to see the Hollywood sign! It’s actually tiny. I thought it was way bigger from seeing it in photos! It actually started to rain up there! Who knew it rained in Los Angeles?! I was so excited to get my photo with the sign, it was a bucket list moment…


Something really cool happened whilst we were in Hollywood and that was that we found out that the world premiere of GANGSTER SQUAD was going to be happening at the Chinese Theatre! Chris and I just looked at each other and just said “We HAVE to see this”. We headed down to Hollywood Boulevard about an hour before the scheduled time for the movie and saw the media setting up for the event. The were barracades and cameras everywhere. We had no idea where to go or where to stand but we were both just so excited!! We were about to witness a world premiere! WITH CELEBRITIES! We took a couple of selfies with the banners and red carpet…



Then headed over the road to stand with all the other fans. There were SO many people there it was insane but wow it was so exciting. Soon they started up some awesome jazz music over the loud speakers and there were flood lights and vintage cares for decoration. Everyone was screaming and getting excited and then the celebrities started showing up and everyone started screaming even louder. The first one to arrive (and only one to actually walk past us, in the end) was Ryan Gosling and I’ve never heard my 17 year old brother scream more like a fangirl in my life. Everyone was just yelling RYAN RYAN RYAAAAAAAAN!!! We managed to get his attention and he came across the road. We was walking along the line signing things (We didn’t have anything unfortunately) and he came so close to us we could have touched him. RYAN GOSLING WAS WITHIN ARMS REACH. I was so excited I didn’t get a photo because sometimes I like to just watch it all play out before me with my own eyes, rather than behind a camera lens. If I wanted to watch a video of Ryan Gosling, I’d stay home. It was pretty fricken cool. Some other celebs that attended were Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Emma Stone! They didn’t get as close to us but we still saw them! I made a video of our premiere experience here (It includes other LA stuff too, skip to 2:26 for Gangster Squad stuff)… it’s pretty much just a lot of screaming…


ANOTHER exciting thing involving celebrities was that we got to go and see a taping of the Jay Leno show!! I researched this before we arrived and looked at all the different talk shows that were recording at the time we were there. Jay Leno seemed like the easiest show to get a spot on and we did! When we booked the day, we didn’t know the guests but whilst we were there we received an email telling us who they were gonna be and oh my god I cried again because the guest was EMMA STONE! I was about to be in the same room as Emma Stone! It was such a cool experience to see a real show being recorded as I’d just spent a year learning about it for my degree. It was like a well oiled machine as they obviously just did the same thing every single day. Unbelievable.

I touched on the Dolby Theatre earlier when I mentioned our accommodation but I just thought I’d put in this photo of my brother and I in front of it. Look at the size of it! You can barely see us! Once again, a surreal moment.


Well that’s mostly the stuff in “Hollywood”… but we went a few other places nearby too… e.g. the place with the very famous postcode 90210…




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