Santa Monica! Roller coasters + Shrimp


Ah yes. Santa Monica Pier. The start point of Forrest Gump’s epic journey, the end point of the famous Route 66 and the location of the old wooden roller coaster that Jack Dawson promised to ride with Rose until they threw up.

We visited Santa Monica Pier in the evening after the sun had gone down. This way you get to see the lights of the fairground and everything is just a little bit more magical.


I love the water. I always have and I always will so there’s just something about piers, jetties, marinas, ports and harbours that make me feel happy. The Santa Monica Pier was no different and I thoroughly enjoyed walking all the way to the end and reading about it’s history. There’s a rule in my family and that is if you are on a pier you HAVE to touch the end. No matter how long it is or if it’s pouring with rain or blowing a gale, your hand must touch the pole or barrier right at the end. So we walked all the way down and touched it.

One of my Mum’s dreams is to drive Route 66 in a vintage car. One day I actually hope to do it with her. Santa Monica Pier is the end point of the journey so I took this photo for her, I thought it was cool the way it lit up…


My brother and I decided we HAD  to go on the wooden roller coaster because of the Titanic movie reference (one of our favourite films we watch together). The roller coaster itself was pretty tame but it was just cool to ride it and think about it’s history.

For dinner we of course went to Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Factory located on the pier itself. It’s filled with Forrest Gump movie memorabilia and serves the best shrimp in town (apparently). I’m not a fan of shrimp so did not in fact eat any but my Dad had some and said it tasted great! I opted for the chicken and avocado burger which was both the largest and tastiest burger I’ve ever had in my entire life. I write this post a year and a half on and I’m still yet to find it’s successor. The waiters quiz you on Forrest Gump movie trivia and it’s an all around good time to have a meal there. I would definitely recommend having dinner there if you’re in the area.

We had a great night on the pier and enjoyed shopping in the outdoor mall they have a few blocks in from the seaside. I love love love Santa Monica and would love to go back and have a further look one day.

Well there’s really only one thing left to mention… head to the next post to hear all about our final days in Hollywood and our day as VIP’s at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!




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