Bussing from Buffalo to Boston

This morning (dressed in our new Niagara Falls swag) we headed to Old Fort Niagara on the way out to Boston.

Fort Niagara was originally built by the French to protect them in North America. It is now named Old Fort Niagara and is a great tourist attraction and museum near Youngstown, NY.

To get in you have to cross a bridge and enter through the fortification walls just like in a castle. It has been beautiful restored and you feel like you’re going back in time as you enter.


Once through the walls you come across a large open field with a big stone house right at the far end which is once again beautifully restored.


We were treated to a “French soldier” re enactment where he taught us how to load and fire his gun. I got this great shot with the flags in the background.


We then explored the house and went into every room we could. There was a chapel, many bedrooms, offices and an armoury.





Around the side of the fort looking onto Lake Ontario there were the gun emplacements with which I happily posed, feeling like I was back in New Zealand (Makara or Mt Victoria, any of my fellow Wellingtonians?). We were lucky to get such beautiful weather! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.


Overall Old Fort Niagara is such a beautiful attraction and would definitely recommend it to any history buffs visiting the area (My brother was SUPER jealous).

Then it was back on the bus to take the long (8 hour) ride to Boston. At about half way we stopped at a McDonalds rest stop and once we had access to Wifi we discovered that Prop 8 had been over turned and we were delighted! What a cool day to be in America! This is us when we found out the news!


We arrived in Boston after dark and it was so cool to see the city and night with all it’s old buildings. We were promptly taken to a giant chinese restraunt where we had the biggest “out of comfort zone” experience yet. Firstly we were treated to a full traditional chinese meal. I didn’t eat most of it because I didn’t really know what any of it was… but I did try! I should mention at this point we were seated at a table with about 8 other chinese guests who spoke little to no english…! They loved it. They got to watch these two white girls negotiate this food that they’d been used to eating all their lives. Erica and I were just like… WHAT is going on?? Finally the famous Boston Lobster was served. We each took one and put it on our plates and I think I kind of just stared at it for a while. I was convinced I was going to try it because I’d never had Lobster before and what better place to try it than Boston right? WHEN IN ROME and all that! Here’s a photo of us with our lobsters.



IT HAD A FACE. It terrified me. How could a take a mini hammer and a nut cracker to this thing that had a face! I swear I uttered the words “I think I’m a vegetarian” to myself at that moment. I’ve never been more terrified to eat anything in my entire life. I decided that I at least had to give it a go because then I could at least say I tried. After getting some of the others at the table to help me pull it apart I found the lobster to actually taste rather yummy. I kind of gave up half way though because I truly just couldn’t handle the eyes staring back at me. But the important thing here is that I tried. When traveling I believe it is important to jump outside of your comfort zone and try new things and that is certainly what I did here. Yolo and all that!


Oh my God Oh my God you guys… Stay tuned to see where we went next…


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