Harvard to Yale campus tours

I think today might have been the day we saw the most sites out of the whole 3 weeks!

We started out nice and early with a guided tour of the Harvard University campus! The campus itself was beautiful and it was so cool to think that some of the best minds in America studied here! Of course I had to get a photo at the famous gates and of course I had to do my “Legally Blonde” pose!


Funny story. Our tour group was primarily asian and on a couple of occasions on this day some tour members asked to take photos with Erica and I in front of various university sites. We were told later on that this was because they wanted to pretend they’d met some Harvard students!! So now we are on a family’s wall somewhere in China pretending to be Harvard students. Such fun!


We rubbed the foot of John Harvard for good luck too! Students apparently do this for luck before any big tests or exams.


After the beautiful Harvard it was off to MIT! We weren’t allowed inside here because there were strict rules but we looked on from across the road and it was pretty impressive!


Then it was on to a boat cruise around the Boston Harbour. The tour guide here was very informative and you could tell she was really proud of the city she lives in. We learnt about all the buildings around there and saw the site of the famous “Boston Tea Party”. Erica then of course bought some iced tea so we could have our very own Boston Tea Party.


Quincy Markets were next and these were impressive! They consisted of a giant hallway of stores (mostly food) but some souvenirs etc. There was also a basement level where we found a sweets shop and bought some yummy snacks. I made a couple of purchases at the Quincy Markets including something that had been on my bucket list for a very long time… Red Sox Red socks!!



That was it for Boston so we headed south to New Haven, Connecticut! (We drove through Hartford and I got waaaay too excited! Gilmore Girls anyone?). We arrived at Yale and this was the most beautiful university campus I’ve ever seen. We got a guided tour by a student and she took as around some residence halls, the statue of Eli Yale and finally to the rare books library which was INSANE!


IMG_4797 IMG_4804

So after one of the busiest mornings in history we headed further south to the city I’d been waiting to see all my life (in daylight)… New York, New York…


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