Times Square “The Crossroads of the Universe!”

We drove south from New Haven and entered New York City. Erica and I made sure we got a seat at the front of the bus today because we wanted to see EVERYTHING we possibly could.

We arrived on Manhattan Island and the bus took us straight to the UN building. Unfortunately the flags weren’t out but the building, although plain, is actually really cool to look at.


We waved our hello’s to Helen Clarke (An ex New Zealand Prime Minister who now works there) and got back on the bus because next was the stop I’d been waiting for. We drove along 42nd St and Times square was suddenly right before my eyes. It was packed. Erica actually videoed my reaction and I almost starting crying (again, I know, I’m a crier). It was rush hour by this time so there were so many people and cars round. The bus stopped at Madame Tussauds and we all got out. Most people from the tour went inside the famous was museum but I personally have no interest in viewing wax figurines of famous people and places when I’ve got the real deal right outside, so Erica and I made other plans. We checked with our tour guide what time we had to be back and made a beeline straight for Times Square.


I MADE IT. I FUCKING MADE IT. I feel like my whole life had led up to this single moment of just standing in Times Square. I actually just stood there for a while and took it all in. People who grow up in the city of New York must have no idea how this feels. I actually stood there and thought about the fact that although I had dreamed of growing up in New York, I am lucky I didn’t because I never would’ve had this feeling of pure joy and accomplishment from standing here for the first time. I had saved every penny for two years to get here and I finally made it. What a moment. I was at Time Square, the crossroads of the universe.


We spent almost an hour just sitting there on the famous red steps taking it all in as the sun set. There was just so much to look at from that one spot, all the billboards, shops, hotels and people, some as happy to be there as we were, some just trying to get home from work. We were there. We did it.


New York, New York… what a wonderful town!


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