Staying at the Chelsea International Hostel

The first thing we did after Times Square was check into our hostel. We stayed at the Chelsea International Hostel down in the suburb of Chelsea (obviously) in Manhattan. This was the BEST decision ever.

First of all… I got my luggage back! Here’s a photo of me reuniting with my underwear.



I had stayed in one hostel before in Sydney kind of as a dry run for this trip. Hostels are basically a bed in a room with a communal bathroom and shower area and then communal eating places and places for hanging out. Very communal. They’re great for making friends but you can also be private if you feel like it.

Erica and I chose to stay in a two bed private room. It was really small but to be honest we were literally only there to sleep… so what more do you need?!


At this hostel there is an outdoor common area with picnic tables and free wifi. It’s really nice to sit out there at night and plan your next day. They also offer a free breakfast of a Bagel, a piece of fruit and a coffee which is great! It fills you up enough so you don’t snack. On Wednesdays there was also free pizza! Except we kept forgetting… and always purchased dinner only to come back and be given free pizza!

We stayed for 14 nights which was the longest amount of time you could stay and longer than most people stay I think. Each room has air conditioning which is great because the New York summer temperatures were rather high! The staff there were lovely and really helpful. The price was pretty good too. It wasn’t the cheapest we looked at, it was probably about the third cheapest. The cheaper ones were really gross looking and had been given bad reviews on trip advisor. This one was $65 USD a night not including tax. That sounds like a lot but for New York that’s actually decent. If you take into account the location, free wifi and breakfast then this was a great deal.

The best part about this hostel was the location. It was only a one block walk to the subway station (18th Street station) to catch a train right into Times Square and even further if we wanted. Therefore when going to the Broadway shows it was really easy to get there and back again late at night. Chelsea is also a great neighbourhood! It’s really modern and artsy and is known as the gay neighbourhood which meant lots of rainbows and fun! It’s also across the road from a police station so you feel safe there. That’s another thing, I never felt unsafe in Chelsea or in the whole of New York really. There’s always people around you so you’re never “alone in a dark alley”.


Overall Erica and I were very happy with our stay here and would definitely stay here again if we needed to!


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