NYC Gay Pride 2013

What a place to have my first ever Pride experience! A parade down 5th Avenue in New York City.


I didn’t really know what to expect except a whole lot of rainbow… I wasn’t wrong. Erica and I had pre prepared and purchased rainbow coloured Tutu’s from a party supply store and some rainbow ribbon and various accessories including a flag!

Rainbow colage

We got all dressed up in our room and headed to 5th Ave about an hour early because we wanted to get a good spot. Here’s what we looked like at the start…


We had a really good start and it was a good idea getting there early as it soon filled up. The parade started and I was just so happy! I’d never been amongst this many gay people in my life and I felt right at home. I assumed it would only be about an hour or two long… but it was still going 5 hours later! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

We met up with our friend Hayden for a while as well and got our photo taken by Amnesty International for their facebook page! Everyone loved our Tutus.



Erica and I tried to get every free badge, flag and sticker we possibly could from all the floats! We ended the day looking like this…


After the parade we all sat down on the sidewalk and had a $1 slice of pepperoni pizza. We then headed toward the water to watch the fireworks. They were magnificent and every colour of the rainbow! We didn’t end up going out partying because we didn’t really know where to go however we just walked around the streets of Chelsea for about an hour anyway just to see what was going on. It was really fun just to see everyone out having fun. We came across a really long queue going into a venue and we asked someone nearby what it was for and it was to see RuPaul!!! Only in New York.

Overall it was a GREAT rainbow filled day and I never felt so proud to be who I am.


One thought on “NYC Gay Pride 2013

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