Aaaall the Art Galleries and Museums in NYC!

I am a big fan of museums and art galleries so we went to a fair share whilst in New York! How could you not though, there are so many! My Dad bought us a City Pass for Christmas which meant we got entry into some really cool places and didn’t have to wait in line! We also saved some moolah which is always desired!


I loved this one! It had a really good variety of different styles and mediums of art. There were interactive exhibits and interesting things to look at on all floors. I couldn’t actually believe how many famous pieces are housed here! We saw lots of Andy Warhol’s and Jackson Pollock’s which were awesome but my favourite would have to have been the Van Gogh! We were just wandering through one of the galleries when all of a sudden we turn a corner and found “Starry Night”! I couldn’t quite believe it actually so I had to get a photo with it! I’m a big fan of Van Gogh and his use of colour so this was a high point of the museum for me!





I had studied the architecture of this building in Art History back in High School so I was really excited to see it in real life. The building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is quite spectacular to look at. It’s essentially a giant spiral! You walk around the outside of the spiral and then there are separate galleries coming off there.


I’d have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of modern art, I prefer the older stuff (Impressionism etc) so the actual art inside the Guggenheim wasn’t really my thing, but it’s always worth having a look!


So I have to admit… my interest in this place stems from watching the “Night at the Museum” films. I’d also heard the hall of dinosaurs was pretty awesome.


This place is actually really interesting. There is so much to look at in here and most of the displays are really visual which, if you are like me, is really helpful. I learn by pictures and visual aids so it was great. The highlight is definitely the Hall of Dinosaurs as they have real complete dinosaur skeletons in there and I just couldn’t believe how huge they were! The tower over you in a menacing yet curious way.


We didn’t spend too long in here as we were pushed for time that day but I could see myself spending more time here and really learning about the world and the creatures in it!


This was definitely my favourite out of the four and perhaps even my most favourite attraction in the whole city… maybe even the world…


The range and diversity of artefacts in this building left me in complete awe. One minute you are wandering down a picturesque hall of classical greek art and sculpture, the next you’re inside the remains of an ancient Egyptian tomb.



This place is rich in history and culture and I could see myself spending an entire week just wandering around it. I couldn’t believe I was standing next to things I had studied in High School and things I had only ever dreamed of seeing in real life. I stood next to the armour of King Henry VIII !!!


My favourite room in the whole Museum was the Renoir room. There’s an entire gallery dedicated to Impressionist painters but there was one room in particular that captivated me completely. My favourite artist is Pierre Auguste Renoir so naturally this room full of his paintings was my heaven. I stood and stared at this one painting for so long I think Erica had to snap me back to reality. The way he uses colour and texture in his paintings will forever be a thing of beauty to me.


I was so sad that I only got to spend one afternoon here and this will be the first place I visit when I return to New York one day.


There are so many Museums and Galleries in NYC and we on skimmed across the surface. I’ll definitely be back for more!


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