Broadway, Broadway… more Broadway!

Broadway was always the number one reason to visit this city and the number one reason to visit it with Erica. Erica and I met and spent our High School years together and a Dance and Stage School. We bonded over musical theatre and dreamed of one day making it to New York to see a show on Broadway. Once we realised this was finally going to happen, we went with the “Go hard or go home” philosophy. We saw 6.



So Chicago is my favourite musical in the whole world and I had already seen it in Christchurch a number of times, in Sydney once with my Dad and also I’d watched the DVD a million times. It just so happened that this would be our first one! We sat in the second row and I had the best time! During the last number “Hot Honey Rag”, Velma and Roxie each threw a rose into the audience and guess who caught Velma’s!! MEEEE!!! We also stage doored afterwards and I met Roxie Hart and got a photo.



After the show whilst walking home, I looked up at the Empire State building and saw it lit up like a rainbow and I remember thinking that I was just so thankful to be here and to have this opportunity. My first Broadway show was Chicago and I fucking loved it. And All That Jazz.


I didn’t know anything about this show before going but I did know the song “Seize the Day” as it had been done by our dance school at end of year recitals for a number of years. We went to this with our friend from dance school, Hayden, who just started studying musical theatre at AMDA to pursue his dream of performing on Broadway. We thought what better way to celebrate a friendship than by experiencing the very thing that brought us together: Broadway.

IMG_5002 edit

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this show. It’s set in New York in the lat 1890’s so the costume’s and set were just my thing. The music was amazing and had us dancing in our seats the whole time. There was even a standing ovation after the first act finale! After the show we went to the stage door and got our playbill’s signed. I spoke to Kara Lindsay who was my favourite and she was stoked to hear that! (With a cast full of talented male dancers, she probably doesn’t usually get the attention, but I fell in love with her and her character right from the get go).




Afterwards we all went to McDonalds in Times Square and just couldn’t believe we were all in New York together. CARPE DIEM… SEIZE THE DAY!


Erica had seen the movie of Once but I had no idea what it was even about. We knew we’d love it as soon as we walked into the theatre though… the bar was on the stage! What an awesome musical this was, a lovely little surprise. It’s obviously not as “tits and teeth” as most of the shows we saw but that’s kind of why I loved it. It was just a bit different to any show I’d ever seen and had such a cute story. One of the coolest parts was that the cast was also the band! All the music was Irish folk which made me dance in my seat the whole time! Loved it!

We stage doored for this show too and even got the autograph of the cute wee girl who was only about 6!


Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite musicals in the whole world… that I’d never actually seen on stage! I own the DVD and have watched it about 50 times and can sing along (or try to) to all the music. I was super super excited about this one!


We sat in the stalls right near the middle which ended up being PERFECT as the Chandelier fell so close to us! From the moment the opening chords erupted through the theatre I had goosebumps and they remained all over my body throughout the entire performance. It was so awesome to finally see this show performed in real life and to listen to my favourite songs sung live. The costumes were absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t get enough of them! Even the theatre was gorgeous! Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!



Of course we had to see this one as it had been recommended to us by so many people. I literally knew nothing about it and Erica didn’t know much either. All we knew was that it was good. We saw a matinee and you know how sometimes you just aren’t feeling it some days? I was just having a bit of an off day and it was hot and I was tired and a bit apprehensive about going to a show I didn’t know anything about but OH MY GOODNESS. By the interval my cheeks were sore from smiling and my stomach hurt from laughing. This was the funniest and greatest thing I’d ever seen! The cast was phenomenal and the songs were great and I’ve never had a better time as an audience member.

We stage doored afterwards but because it was a matinee, a lot of cast members stayed back. We got a few good autographs though! This musical was a wonderful pleasant surprise and had me singing “HELLO! My name is Elder Price!” all the way home.


What a magical show! This was our final broadway show and we attended it on our final night in New York. We went shopping for new dresses to wear at Forever 21 (that store was so huge it was like 5 stories) and did our hair and make up! Cinderella had just won the Tony for costumes so I was really excited to see those!


We got to the theatre (one of the most beautiful we went to) and ordered a “Glass Slipper” cocktail! It was blue! Our seats we really far back but that ok, we got a good view of the whole stage. Laura Osnes was our Cinderella and what a cutie she was! The whole show was just beautiful and we got to meet each other afterwards to get a photo! Such a lovely person!




So there we have it! 6 Broadway shows! I can’t possibly pick a favourite as they were all such different styles and different experiences! I’m glad we chose the ones we did for that very reason. We now both have a wide range of Broadway under our belts! I can’t wait for more!



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