Fuerza Bruta! “Shatter your Inhibitions”

This is one of the most difficult posts to write… because Fuerza Bruta is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to explain.

I’ll start by saying that it’s an off-broadway show. Well, it’s not really even a show… it’s an experience.

Fuerza Bruta was created in Buenos Aires in 2005 and is called a “Post Modern Theatre Show”. It’s been all over the world but is currently still playing in New York. The one that we saw was called “Look Up” but the current show is called “Wayra”.

It’s like… a trippy… circus… modern dance… weird performance art piece… where the stage is the entire room you are standing in.

It’s hard to explain. So I’ll direct you to this video HERE and their website HERE

The tagline for the show is “Shatter your inhibitions” which is absolutely perfect after having experienced it. You are part of the show from the moment you walk in the door. They sell test tube shots and jelly shots to get you excited and ask you to please check ALL your belongings (there’s a great reason for this).


The show is one hour long and happens in font, beside, above, around and WITH you. They move you around with clever choreography and there’s confetti and streamers everywhere. They even smash polystyrene boxes full of paper confetti on people’s heads (This happened to me, it was exhilarating and crazy).

The best part though… the best part is the end. There is a giant dance party where the cast gets in amongst the crowd and just dances with you whilst the loud electronic music pumps through your body and you just release any care you have in the world and you just… smile and laugh and cry and dance. Oh. It also RAINS INSIDE THE THEATRE. Yes that’s right. The show culminates with a ten minute dance party IN THE RAIN.

The show leaves you absolutely soaking wet for your walk home and on a natural high.


Nothing could have prepared me for this experience and nothing will ever come close to this ever again.



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