Manhattan sunset cruise!

One of my favourite things from the City Pass was the Manhattan Sunset Cruise. On the city pass you can either do this cruise of the Statue of Liberty Cruise. I can’t remember why we chose this one… but I’m glad we did!

This boat trip is run by the Circle Line and leaves from the south piers. I’m not actually sure if they offer this cruise any more as when I went to link it here, I couldn’t find it on their website. I think it’s now called the Harbour Lights Cruise and leaves later in the evening.

We got a beautiful night when we went and I couldn’t believe the view! We had a really informative and entertaining guide on our boat and we learnt all about the NYC skyline, the three bridges (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg : BMW), the two rivers (East and Hudson), The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


Turns out the Statue of Liberty is TINY!!!! Who knew?



Sunset is definitely the best time to do this cruise and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


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