Caught in the rain and crossing Brooklyn Bridge!

For our last day in New York we decided to head over to Brooklyn. We had heard that the best direction to do Brooklyn Bridge was coming back to Manhattan because you get the best view.

We caught the subway over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We then promptly got lost. It was great! Basically the aim was to walk from Williamsburg to the bridge and then over the bridge.

We ended up walking right through the middle of an Orthodox Jew neighbourhood…


EVERYTHING WAS IN HEBREW. It was so confusing! It was really interesting to suddenly be in a difference culture though. There were families walking around in their traditional clothing and children playing on the street.

We eventually found our way out of the neighbourhood and found some signs to get to the bridge then all of a sudden there was a flash flood! We got completely soaking wet and I was wearing white! It was kind of fun actually.


Finally we got to the bridge and walked across it. It was cool to see all the love locks all the way along. It’s like a little version of the Parisian bridge.


The view was awesome on the way and it was a perfect thing to do to end our trip!



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