My spontaneous Indochina adventure!

Up until about a year ago I had never had the desire to go to Asia. I’m not really sure why but for some reason I just had other places in my mind that I’d rather visit. Then one day I was in the travel guide section of my local bookstore and picked up a guide on Southeast Asia and thought, actually this looks pretty interesting. I then spent a few months putting a bit more research into it and asking a few others about it. I remembered that back in 2004 (exactly ten years ago) my Mum had done a month long tour of Vietnam and had really enjoyed it as well. It was all just a vague plan for a time somewhere in the future when all of a sudden my best friend told me he’d landed a job in Hong Kong and would be moving there straight away (September)! It was around the same time that I realised that I wouldn’t be working around Christmas so would have to make some plans for the holiday season. It all just seemed like a giant sign from the travel Gods that pointed to me going to Southeast Asia for December. I messaged Nick and said, how’d you like it if I came and spent Christmas with you in Hong Kong?! Of course he was overjoyed and a plan was hatched. I had a vague idea of dates and I’d seen a few countries, cities and sites I wanted to visit but I hadn’t really put too much detail into my research. I liked the sound of Bangkok and definitely Vietnam and when looking at the map I thought, well, I guess I’ll go to Cambodia too since it’s between the two. Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.33.32 pm This was the first time I ever used a travel agent to book a trip. I chose to go to an agent this time this was all happening rather fast and it was a rather spontaneous decision so I didn’t have the time to do a lot of research. It was a cold night in August that I went down to my local STA Travel and sat down with a lovely lady named Charlotte. I said to her “Hi, I’d like to leave New Zealand on December 1st, go to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, spend Christmas and New Year in Hong Kong and be home in the first week of January… what can you do for me?”. Two hours later my trip was booked and paid for. How’s that for spontaneity!? (BIG thanks to Charlotte at STA St. Lukes for helping a sister out) StartTheAdventure She gave me the option of a few different tours of varying lengths and prices but the one that instantly appealed to me was “Cambodia and Vietnam on a Shoestring” with a company called G Adventures. I had actually never heard of this company before to be honest but I really liked the sound of it. The tour type was “YOLO” which means the tour group is younger and we do more exciting and adventurous stuff. That sounded just like me! G Adventures also supports the local community by dining at locally owned establishments and even giving back to the locals by teaching English in some places or staying with them in their homes. This sounded GREAT and exactly what I was looking for in a place like Southeast Asia. I’ll write a more in depth post about G Adventures later as I could go on and on about it! (My Mum just booked two South American tours with them for this year after seeing how much I loved the company!) YOLO-adventure-young-adults So that was that! I was leaving Auckland on the 1st of December and not returning until the new year. Oh and another thing… I didn’t tell anyone I was booking the trip until I had already booked it! Surprise family and friends! Laura’s going on a solo adventure! 😉 Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.40.23 pm (My face when I had just parted with the large sum of money I spent on this trip)


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