“Bangkok Beyond” A poem about my travels

During my Southeast Asia/ Indochina travels I was challenged to write a poem.

If you look carefully it mentions most of the places I visited and some of the things people said to me along the way. As you read my further posts about this trip, you may see a passage of the poem at the top of the post. This is an indicator that the post will be about something mentioned in the poem. Likewise, just click a line of the poem you want to know more about and it will lead you right to the post!


“Bangkok Beyond”

Bangkok Bangkok
Start with a Bangkok
Cars, humans, bikes, dogs
What? Who? How?
Too fast, too fast

Deep breath
In, out
Deep breath
In, out

An Elephant caught in the rain
Says hello new friends
Goodbye old life
No strife from here on out

Cambodia Cambodia
You have my heart

Your horrific past
Shows on your face and in your fields
But there’s New Hope for you

Angkor Who? Angkor Wat
Tombs and ruins you have a lot
Temple day, Temple night
Fall in love I think I might

Sunrise to Sunset
You’ve never seen better
I can bet
I say CHOL MOI to you

Along the Delta
We drift and drift
It’s to you Vietnam I say
Good Morning

Instant change
I see I see
More hats more bikes
More everything
From left to right

You too are rising from a past
the world has seen
but you are more than your war
Vietnam you are more

Through the tunnel
Cross the road
The heat is on
Hello Saigon

Up we go Up we go
Click clack click clack
Did you sleep?
Oh God no!

The waves crash
as Buddha smiles
Vietnam your cities are perfection
as if tailor made for me

Beep beep, beep beep
the wheels turn
as we weave a path
through this life
and beyond

Sailing toward the light
because this right here
is happiness
and this is all I need

Travel here travel there
Sometimes it’s all too much to bear
But travel gives a gift
you cannot see

You cannot touch nor taste
nor smell this gift
This gift is something
that you feel

Do not just live
you must inspire
and be the best that you can be

Think and live
outside the square
take it up a gear
because life is short
life is short
so smile

Happy Her
Happy he
Happy them
Happy me
Happiness is all there needs to be


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