“Flight of the Gibbon” Zip lining in the jungle!

Flight of the Gibbon” is an activity I pre-purchased for my trip.

I read about this on the G Adventures website and I thought. That sounds like a whole lot of fun!

I made my way to a hotel pick up point and met everyone else in the group who would be doing this with me. There was a lovely couple from England, a young couple from Australia and then a whole bunch of Russian men. (I would later find out that this company is owned by Russians, hence the large amounts of Russian tourists doing this activity)

We traveled by mini van for about an hour and a half outside of Bangkok to a place called Chon Buri. They greeted us with a cup of tea and a quick safety briefing, then it was off into the jungle. We were all put into harnesses and given helmets before we made our way on a quick hike up a hill to the first platform.


I was super excited as I had never gone zip lining before! I looked up at the first platform and some of the people in the group were getting really nervous but I was just REALLY EXCITED.

We zip lined along something like 25 different stations getting longer and longer as we progressed. The longest one was 200m and I went 50kmph!!! We even learnt how to let go of the harness so our hands and feet were free. The jungle was absolutely beautiful and I would recommend this in a heartbeat.

I actually made a quick video of it so you can see what it was like…

After we had looped back to the start we were given a really yummy lunch of rice and chicken followed by fresh fruit for dessert. I actually thought the day was over but to my (and a lot of other people’s surprise) we were then taken on a tour of their open zoo!


We got really close to the animals which was amazing as I’d never been so close before. Check out my Giraffe selfie!


Overall it was such a great day! I had an EPIC time zip lining and the zoo was such a great treat!


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