Starting my G Adventure!

“An Elephant caught in the rain
Says hello new friends

Goodbye old life
No Strife from here on out”

After spending three days in Bangkok on my own it was time to start my G Adventures tour! G Adventures is a company offering tours all throughout the world similar to the likes of Intrepid, Contiki, Top Deck etc but their point of difference, and the reason I chose them, is that they make a special effort to give back to the community. I chose “Cambodia & Vietnam on a Shoestring” which is a YOLO style tour for 18 – 39 year olds offering the best of everything but nice and cheap and a whole lot of fun.


I arrived at the Bangkok Centre Hotel after checking out of my hostel that morning. I got into my room which was lovely and spacious and had about an hour to kill before meeting my group. I was shy at first and just kind of sat on my own but then these two friendly girls introduced themselves to me. They seemed really lovely so I talked to them for a while. We then met our Tour Leader (a wonderful Cambodian man named Ratha Van) and headed into a room so we could all introduce ourselves properly and get the formalities out of the way. My group consisted of 3 guys from Melbourne (Luke, Simon & Andy), 2 gents from Northern Ireland (James & Edward), 2 lovely Canadian girls (Cornelia & Lindsey), and me! So there was only 8 of us which ended up being such a great number. I could already tell this was going to be a great time.

We then all went out for dinner at a local place around the corner. I had Pad Thai and it was delicious! I learned that the two Canadian girls were both actresses who live in Toronto! What great luck that I had just met two awesome people with similar interests who work in the same industry I as do! After dinner the Canadians, the Irish and I all squished into a taxi and headed to a park opposite the Grand Palace because we’d heard there were celebrations that night for the King’s Birthday the next day. We arrived to a huge local celebration of the king complete with a giant stage, fireworks, Thai warrior dancers, oh and just some elephants wandering around the place! (This was one of the many “WHAT IS MY LIFE?” moments)…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We had the best night ever! We were the only tourists in sight meaning we were getting a truly authentic Thai experience! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After the celebrations subsided it started to absolutely pour with rain. We took shelter in a nearby marque but soon figured out that this rain wasn’t stopping in the near future and we needed to get back to our hotel. We had wandered quite far from the road by this point so we all made a run for it in the pouring rain until we got to somewhere we could hail a cab from. There was one problem: There were no cabs in sight! It took us a full five minutes to eventually hail one single Tuk Tuk. We realised that this was the best we were going to get and managed to cram all 5 of us in one two person Tuk Tuk.


We were completely and utterly saturated and all sitting on top of each other whilst the driver weaved in and out of the crazy traffic but all the while we were laughing so hard and having an absolute ball. We were bonded for life from this moment. Nothing could ever compare to this random soaking wet crammed Tuk Tuk ride ever again in our lives. My last night in Thailand couldn’t have gone any better.


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