The Siem Reap sunset… via QUAD BIKE!

“Sunrise to sunset
You’ve never seen better
I can bet
I say CHOL MOI to you

After spending the morning at the temples we were in need of a rest… because at 4pm we were going on a quad biking adventure!

We all hopped onto the bus and took a short ride to Salakamroeuk Village in Siem Reap to “Cambodia Quad Bike”. I had booked an adrenalin bundle with my tour so had pre paid for this but everyone else in the group decided they wanted to do it too! It made it heaps more fun.

It started with a quick lesson and we were all given helmets. We started by going around a tiny field to practice before we got onto the road. Lindsey and I were the slowest so we stayed at the back.

This ended up being one of my favourite activities. The tour took as through some outer villages of Siem Reap and it was amazing to see all of the local kids wave at us as they waited for us to pass by. I’d say this happens every single night of the year. We then ventured further out and ended up in the rice fields to watch the sunset. Ratha told us all about the rice industry and the fields we were standing in. While this was happening the tour guides took our cameras and went crazy taking photos! When we got our cameras and phones back at the end it was fun to see the photo’s they took.


The best part was the sunset. While this was all happening the sun was setting in front of us and it’s probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. The colours were so vibrant and it was the perfect end to a perfect day… little did I know the night was still young and there was plenty of fun left to be had… Read my next post to learn about the nightlife in Siem Reap…



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