The Sun Sets on Cambodia

Two nights in the cute wee beach town of Sihanoukville was exactly what everyone needed after the intense and emotional couple of days in Phnom Penh.

We arrived at midday and promptly headed down to a beach bar for lunch. I couldn’t believe the view and that I’d be looking at it for the next two days!

The main beach at Sihanoukville is beautiful but full of local children and ladies trying to sell you things! We sat on the beach for the rest of that afternoon and shared a Vodka and Cranberry bucket (costing us a grand total of $6) and I got my legs threaded whilst relaxing in the sun. We all got bracelets made for us by the local kids as something to remember the trip by.

Later that evening we had a BBQ dinner on the beach with the whole group. Most of us spend the entire two days in our togs because the weather was so lovely, the meals were no exception!

Day 2 was spent on a private Island! We caught our own little private wooden boat and traveled about half an hour out to a little island where we spent about an hour snorkelling, swimming and doing front flips off the front of the boat.

10422267_10155408835190078_272220260850634276_n 603856_10155371851410078_8483151305505702765_n

We then headed half an hour further out to sea to Paradise Island. There we played beach volleyball and had a BBQ lunch. It was so nice to just relax and go for walks along the beach. The whole group of us eventually played with the volleyball in the ocean and had a nice long swim.

IMG_4854 IMG_4856IMG_4853As the sun set on our last day in Cambodia we decided to have dinner on the beach again. The lanterns were all so pretty and the sunset was once again beautiful.


We all met up later to go to a few bars and take advantage of the ridiculously cheap cocktails. Lindsey and I ended up having about a bucket each which resulted in some very fun times on the beach. The great thing about Sihanoukville is that the beach is literally just lined with bars. The music blasts loud enough so that you can have a dance party on the beach and watch local children let off fireworks and float lanterns into the sky. 11062385_10155371853960078_3304684489439437212_n

We met the G Adventure group traveling the day behind us and they seemed like a fun group so we promised to meet up again in the next place we were together. I also met a guy on the beach that night who lives around the corner from my cousins… in Auckland, New Zealand! The world isn’t as big as you think.

Thank you Cambodia for a great time. Your people and country will forever hold a place in my heart.


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