My first MUD BATH!

“as Buddha smiles”

Nha Trang is a beach town about a quarter of the way up Vietnam. In better weather it’s probably rather picturesque and a great place to go for some sun and surf. Unfortunately when we arrived it was grey and grim and raining. You can’t have it all can you?

We visited the local temples there which were very beautiful and it was interesting to start learning about the different kind of Buddhism (having just been in Cambodia and Thailand) but one of the coolest things we did was check out the Mud Bath’s upon a recommendation from our Tour Leader.

We all piled into a taxi van and went on what seemed like a rather long drive out of town (people were starting to get worried) but we eventually got to where we were headed.

Thap Ba Hot Springs and Thermal Heritage Area is the place to go in Nha Trang. We spent the whole afternoon there for a grand total of $6 each. Much cheaper than our kiwi counterpart Hanmer Springs in Canterbury or anywhere in Taupo or Rotorua.

This was my first mud bath and what a strange and awesome experience it was. You all pile into a stone tub (there were 6 of us so it was quite a squeeze) when all of a sudden it starts filling with mud. It starts filling up around your feet and ankles and it’s SO WEIRD. It’s very smooth but at the same time filled with tiny grains of sand so is a great natural exfoliant. We all kind of sat down in the tub and used the buckets inside it to pour it over ourselves and each other. Mud actually makes you float so it was quite hilarious when the tub filled up and we had to try and not float into one another. It was SO much fun and another great bonding experience. It was one of those moments when you’re just like… what is life?!

11053428_10155464364445078_9103769917370474278_n 11147080_10155464366495078_472137244828888214_n IMG_4893

After the mud bath we took an outdoor shower to clean off and try and get all the mud out of our togs and hair. Then they send you to a hot tub where you can relax for a while. It eventually got too hot in there so we opted for a swim in the main pools.

We spent the entire afternoon here just swimming around and talking. This would be the number one thing I’d suggest to do in the city of Nha Trang no matter the season. It’s great fun, something different… and my skin felt AMAZING afterwards.


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