Beach party in Nha Trang!

“The waves crash”

One of the highlights of Vietnam (there were many, but this was definitely one) was the big beach party we had in Nha Trang.

We joined up with the tour group that was traveling one day behind us, hopped on a bus and headed to a private beach for the entire day.

15x 20-something travellers from all over the world + Vietnam + A surf beach + Free unlimited alcohol = A bloody good time.

This day was great to just relax and spend time with new friends. It was a great experience for the people who came from countries that don’t really have surf beaches too. The Aussies, South African’s and I were used to it but seriously, you haven’t experienced joy until you’ve watched three drunk Canadians frolic in the surf.


It was an overcast day but it was still nice and warm, warm enough to spend the entire day in just togs and absolutely nothing else. We had a beach barbecue for lunch with seafood and traditional Vietnamese food and it was DELICIOUS. This is the great thing about G Adventures, they take you off the beaten path and give you experiences you never thought you’d have. When you think of visiting Vietnam you think of the Cu Chi tunnels, sleeper trains and Halong bay… you’d never imagine a beach party with 15 of your new friends just playing volleyball, swimming in the surf and drinking a little too much alcohol (It was free ok!).


It was a nice break from some of the emotional things we had seen the past couple of weeks. Great food, great place, great company.


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