Hoi An – A contender for favourite city in the world

“Vietnam your cities are perfection
as if tailor made for me”

Where do I even start?

I arrived in Hoi An knowing nothing but “Oh they make good tailored clothing there”. That’s it. That was my expectation of this Vietnamese city. In my short amount of time there I learnt so so much more.

Hoi An is a little old city about half way up Vietnam. The city itself is actually a Unesco World Heritage site meaning a) it’s beautiful and historical and b) you do have to pay to get into a few of the buildings.


Let’s start with the tailoring. I knew I wanted to get something tailored before arriving here but I still wasn’t sure what. After sitting down and going through the catalogues I finally decided on a blazer. Our tour leader took us to a place called New World Tailors and I chose the fabric, got measured up and let them do their thing. I came back at the end of that same day to find it finished and fitting perfectly. I couldn’t be more happy!

Hoi An is a great place to wander. Motor vehicles are not allowed in the streets of the old city which was a refreshing break from the big cities I’d visited in the past few weeks like Bangkok, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City. I spent the day visiting the historical buildings, museums and monuments and could not get over the beauty and charm of it all. We accidentally crashed a traditional Vietnamese music performance and ended up playing a round of Vietnamese bingo?! Hoi An to me seemed like the “artsy” capital of Vietnam so I think this is why I naturally was drawn to it. Everything was quaint and bohemian and just truly beautiful.


A river runs through the centre of the city and as we were walking by we noticed an old Vietnamese man sitting in a very old, run down looking boat. He offered us a quick trip down the river and back for a few dollars. My two friend’s and I said yes and hopped on board. The man looked about 80 and only had one leg, he was very charming and even let us wear his hat. It was a beautiful way to see the city and despite that fact the boat looked like it was going to fall apart, we had a really nice time. He even let us help paddle on the way back upstream!

IMG_4898 IMG_4896

At night the city lights up along the river. People light lanterns and let them float away with their well wishes and there is night markets and bars lining the streets.


There was just something magical about this city that I loved. I’d love to come back here someday and experience its beauty all over again.


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