A snippet of Hanoi

Hanoi was one of my favourite cities in Vietnam for many reasons but I’m just going to share a small story that really touched me.

My friend Lindsey and I were going for a walk around the lake in the centre of Hanoi, taking in the beauty and watching the locals go about their day (we counted 14 brand new brides and grooms having their photos taken by the water!) and we were just about to leave to go back to our room when we were approached by a small group of Vietnamese teenagers.

I thought at first they were going to sell me something, or they were going to ask for money, however they were well dressed and not carrying anything. They simply wanted to talk. They wanted to talk to us in English.

This group of teenagers had been learning English for a couple of months now to try and get themselves better jobs for a better future but they told us they only learn the theory of it, they do not get to converse in class. They decided to come to the lake today in the hopes of finding a tourist to speak with and they found us!

We spent a good half an hour with these guys speaking English and it was one of my favourite memories from this country. They’d only been learning for a couple of months but could have full conversations with us!

Traveling is about meeting new people and having new experiences. I love getting in with the locals and this was just perfect. All they wanted was simple conversation, simple conversation that could help change their lives.

We exchanged Facebook details and went on our way. I still speak to them every now and again so they can practice. I correct them and even ask them for some words in Vietnamese.

Isn’t life amazing?



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