Backyard Adventures – Beveridge Track


Where: Starts at the Arataki Visitor Centre, Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland, New Zealand

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 6.13.31 pm_1

When: Year round (But can get a bit muddy in winter!)


Beveridge Track is a 30 minute one way walking and mountain bike track in the Waitakere ranges. It starts at the Arataki Vistor Centre and goes along the side of the ranges and ends at a carpark. Along the way there are picturesque views of the Manukau and Waitamata harbours.


Some parts are rather steep and can be muddy if you walk it in the winter like I did. There are some parts where cyclists are advised to dismount as it’s too slippery or narrow but you can bike most of it.


There are many little information points along the way and a couple of benches to sit on and enjoy the view.


I’m not overly fit but do love a good walk and this was a great level for me. The steep parts can leave you a bit puffed on the way back but nothing too tough. I enjoyed this one and it’s easy to access if you’re okay driving along the twists and turns of Scenic Drive. I’ll probably go back to this one quite often as it’s a great length and not too difficult.


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